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Congratulations on taking action to attract more ideal clients.
You are just a few moments away from getting started.
Rest assured that once you click the Attract More Ideal Clients button and complete the order form , you will have full access to the course and bonus resources.
That being said, as helpful as the course is, it only scratches the surface on the benefits of Authentic Marketing.

Authentic Marketing

Not only will Authentic Marketing help you attract more ideal clients, it will also help align all of your marketing actions with your personal values and beliefs.
With Authentic Marketing, you can ignore the blatant exaggerations, outright lies and shameless self-promotion generally associated with copy-cat marketing.
In its place, you can attract and continue to serve more of the kinds of clients whom you love to serve … and are really good at satisfying.
And what's even better is that you can help satisfied clients return for repeat business and refer more ideal clients to you.
Certainly, attracting ideal clients is an essential element of Authentic Marketing.
But it’s only one of many.

Authentic Marketing Fundamentals

Authentic Marketing Fundamentals is a new series of six monthly classes, which will help you learn what you need to know about Authentic Marketing … including attracting ideal clients…and how to succeed at it.
In a nutshell, Authentic Marketing Fundamentals will help you generate that sustainable flow of new business that you want ... and deserve.
Although the full program will be launched in November, four of the classes … including personal branding…are currently available.
In addition to the six core classes, the full program will also include bonuses such as the Best Authentic Marketing Practices, a 12-lesson video course.
The combined value of the six lessons and bonuses is $1,697.
When launched, the price of the program will be $97 per class or $582.
A prepaid subscription will be available for $485.

One-Time Offer = More Value

But given that there are only four classes currently available, it makes sense to reduce the subscription price by 1/3.
As a pre-launch special, the subscription price is only $323.
The bottom line is that if you subscribe to these classes, you will receive $1,679 worth of training resources, for only $323.
In other words, for only $126 more that the stand-alone version of Attract More Ideal Clients With Authentic Marketing, you will receive $1,679 worth of training resources. 
This is a one-time offer: the only opportunity to save before the price goes up.
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