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Not Enough New Business?

... Relax—It’s Not Your Fault
As soon as I started treating marketing as a step-by-step process, I realized why service professionals struggle with generating new business.
For years, self-declared marketing gurus have been telling us to use this magic tool or that amazing technique.
When I figured out what they were saying just wasn’t true, I was able to break free of their lies and get the results that I wanted.
The real problem is all the exaggerated benefits and outright lies of highly touted marketing tools and techniques. 
This nonsense distracts us from understanding marketing as a process.
Once I saw marketing as a process, good things started to happen--really fast!

A Repeatable And Predictable Process

In my role as a consultant, much of my work involved one aspect of planning or another: strategic, business  ... and yes, even marketing planning.
Happily, I could draw upon my experience with planning as a process to develop my own marketing process. Satisfied with the process designed to market my video courses, I was struck with two intriguing ideas. 
First, marketing as a process is totally compatible with other common business processes such as planning, finances and client service.
And second, repeatable and predictable as it is, my marketing process can help other service professionals generate new business as effectively as they satisfy clients.
And that’s why I created the Professional Services Marketing Blueprint.

30 Years ... 30 Months ... 200 Hours

All things considered, more than 30 years’ worth of experience in marketing and delivering professional services went into the blueprint.
But that’s not to say that I spent all that time actually thinking about and working on it. Realistically, the concept for the marketing process evolved over the past 30 months.
And once I had a clear understanding of what this process would look like, it took about 200 hours to finish the components and put them all together.
Not being a numbers guy, I don’t have an exact dollar amount for the expenses incurred to develop the blueprint ... about $5,000 wouldn’t be too far off the mark.
But all the time, effort and money required was well worth it.
It makes it so much easier … and less stressful … to generate more new business!

What’s In The Marketing Blueprint for You? 

Your personalized 30-day action plan done for you, so that you can start transforming your service business from where it now is … to where you want it to be.
Four video marketing courses, together with value-added bonuses for a combined total of 106 individual learning tools … so that your marketing is authentic: aligned with your best and true best self.
Two coaching calls so you can that start and finish strong, unhindered by potential stumbling blocks or obstacles.
Unlimited email support so that you can stay the course, positioning yourself to enjoy the new business you want and deserve.

Transform Your Marketing

Before getting started, let me ask you a question.
Would you like to generate a sustainable flow of new business ... while spending as little time and money possible on marketing?
Sure, you could hire a marketing assistant … but at what financial cost?
And who better than you, knows how you serve and satisfy individual clients in your own distinctive way?
Realistically, as a self-employed service professional, you are the best person to market your services.
For less than the monthly financial cost of hiring a marketing assistant, you can learn what you need to know … and also do what you need to do … to generate that sustainable flow of new business that you deserve.
Even though it would be impossible to show you all of the benefits of the Professional Services Marketing Blueprint, I want show you some of the resources that will help you transform your marketing and take your business to the next level.

Help You Do What You Need To Do

Here are the four components of your marketing blueprint that will help you: 
Your Marketing Blueprint will start with two assessments, based on questionnaires for you to complete.
The first one addresses critical marketing issues, from your ideal clients through the competition to social media and your messaging. This will help us pinpoint potential opportunities for you to pursue … and also possible threats to be minimized, if not eliminated completely.
In addition to clarifying what success in your business looks like for you, the second questionnaire will evaluate how marketing issues common to service professionals are impacting your business.
The information generated by these questionnaires will help identify where are now … and where you want to be.
If purchased separately, the fee for reviewing your completed questionnaires would be $694.
Based on the information that you will have generated from the questionnaires, your personalized 30-day action plan will start the process of transforming your marketing.
It will consolidate and prioritize the action steps necessary to leverage your strengths in order to make the most of exciting new opportunities.
In effect, it will help build your future success on your past achievements.
Instead of following a standardized formula, your action plan is for you and you alone. The plan is done for you: make whatever revisions you want and then just follow the day-by-day sequence.
If purchased separately, the fee for preparing this action plan would be $1500.
Even though you will be following your 30-day action plan on your own, you will not be alone.
Two coaching calls will help you start and finish strong.
In the first call, we will discuss any questions or concerns that you may have about your marketing blueprint.
And if you are interested, I’d be happy to share some tips and suggestions for implementing your plan as effectively and efficiently as possible.
In the second call, we will identify what you will have learned from your 30-day action period.
Even better, we will discuss how you can best apply what you will have learned. If purchased separately, the fee for preparing this action plan would be $400.
As helpful as the coaching calls will be, in and of themselves, they are not enough to ensure the continued effectiveness of your Marketing Blueprint.
That’s why I have included unlimited email support for 90 days following the delivery of your Marketing Blueprint. Email support can be a win-win scenario.
By putting in writing whatever issue you might be experiencing, you might come up with a resolution that had not previously occurred to you. If that happens… great—that’s win for you.
From my perspective and experience, I know full well that when I take the time to put something in writing (i.e. a response to your question) the end result tends to be a whole lot better that a spoken response. And that’s a win for both of us.If purchased separately, the fee for this email support would be $600.

Help You Learn What You Need to Know

These four video courses will help you learn what you need to know to continue your marketing transformation.  
The Best Authentic Marketing Practices is a series of 12 video lessons that will help you learn what need to know about the 4 best strategies for marketing services.
These strategies are:
    * generating referrals;
    * networking;
    * contacting strangers; and
    * keeping in touch.
Accompanying worksheets will help you personalize these strategies to build upon your unique strengths.
Price: $197 
Instead of prospecting for leads that might turn out to be so-so ... or worse ... not-so-good clients, you can Attract More Ideal Clients With Authentic Marketing.
If you are new to marketing, this course will help you build a base of ideal clients...your foundation for success.
If however, you have been self-employed long enough to have established a client, the course will help you build on these successes, taking your marketing to a new level.
And if you are a marketing veteran, the course will help you identify new opportunities for improvement, leading to even better results.
Price: $197 
This Short Course in Authentic Marketing will help you embrace your individuality and showcase your true self. 
As well as helping you learn from past mistakes, it will help you identify those special features that make you who you are … and distinguish you from everyone else.
Haven’t you struggled with problematic one-size-fits all marketing long enough? Isn’t it time that your marketing reflected your true authentic self?
The course will also help you customize the best strategies for marketing services to generate more of the new business that you want and deserve.
Includes added bonuses:
Price: $147
Do you know How Personal Branding Generates More New Business?
Instead of allowing yourself to become lost in a crowd of noisy competitors, you can distinguish yourself with your personal brand and generate more new business.
Regardless of your marketing experience, these 12 video lessons will help you create and effectively apply your own unique personal brand, aligned with your true self.
Your personal brand will showcase your best stuff. 
It will help you tell your story of how you help clients, instead of applying the same old blatant exaggerations and flagrant lies so common in too much of today’s marketing communications and advertising.
Includes added bonuses:
Price: $197 
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Special Introductory Price

If purchased separately, the total value of all these resources would be about $4,000.
If all this did was give you a sustainable flow of new business would it be worth it?
But the fee for your Professional Services Marketing Blueprint is nowhere near $4,000.
The introductory price is only about 1/2 of that amount …. $1,997. Why?
Because I am looking to personally coach a small number of service professionals to get incredible results. 
I’ll be looking to leverage their results for future content and marketing purposes.
I plan to offer the service for $2,497 in the future.
I want your help--and the help of 9 professionals like you--in refining the final program.
But at this point, I am looking to help 10 people at $1,997 each, over next 6 weeks.

Total Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m going to reverse any risk arising from your ordering your Marketing Blueprint.
Once you order your Marketing Blueprint by giving you my Whatever It Takes Total Satisfaction Guarantee I assume whatever risk there may be.
For 30 days following the delivery of your Action Plan, I will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are totally satisfied.
It is after all, your action plan--
if you aren’t happy with it, it won’t help.

Your Immediate Access

So, click on the button below right now and you’ll be taken to a secure order form.
After you have put in your credit card information, you will have immediate access to the secure members’ are where you can download and start working on your assessment…of if you prefer, browse through the dozens of video lessons, even if it’s 2:35 AM!
"What I like about Larry Easto is that he is highly authentic and truly cares about making a difference to his audience.
This is evident here
with this coaching. "
Christopher Salem
Life & Business Strategist - World Class Speaker
Award Winning Author

"I just want
to tell the world
that Larry Easto
is a genius!"
Irene Wishart
Real Estate Broker

What Happens Next?

For those who are already signing up, this is what is going to happen next.
You will be given instructions for setting up your account to access the questionnaire as well as the eCourses and related bonuses.
 Once you have access to the resources, you are free to download and save for your own use, anything and everything you find there. Everything there is yours to use and enjoy for as long as you choose.

One Final Question

For those who have not yet made the decision to sign up, here is one final question for your consideration.
Given that success in business includes making the best choices, what’s your choice?
If you choose to order your Professional Services Marketing Blueprint, this decision will help you transform your marketing … and take your business from where it is, to where you want it to be.
On the other hand, if you choose to stick with your same old, same old marketing, that will probably lead to the same old marketing results. 
Is that what you really want?
Which choice help best help you achieve the business of your dreams?
Challenging question … but don’t spend too much time pondering it.
If you miss out on one of the 10 slots, you’ll miss it.
“…a credible coach I can contact 
when in need...
It's always good to have 
a kindred spirit…
I appreciate knowing you 
are out there
…reassuring to know 
you're an email away.”

Gary Brennan
Actor/Writer, Facilitator
Executive Presentation Coach
Haven’t you wasted enough time, energy and money on the same old marketing?
Isn't it time that you transformed your marketing ... 
into a repeatable, predictable process that generates
more of the the new business that you want and deserve?
Not yet ready for for a total marketing transformation?