For The Life Of Your Dreams--
Live Without Limitations

What’s Holding You Back?

If you have thought about it at all, you probably have a fairly good sense of what the life of your dreams would look like.
Perhaps you have even gone so far as to visualize what the various elements of your dream life would been like.
Regardless of how far you have gone in clarifying the life of your dreams, what’s hold you back from living it now?
For many people, the gravity-like pull of old habits handicaps their progress towards the life of their dreams that they want … and deserve.
If you want to free yourself of those old habits that stand in the way of your success, Live Without Limitations, a new video class, can help you move toward the life of your dreams.

Your Life Without Limitations

In order to live without limitations, we need enough power to escape old habits. We need to generate enough confidence to climb the mountain that leads to our goals with sufficient courage to generate the necessary escape velocity to overcome our old habits.
And that’s how Live Without Limitations can help you replace restrictive behaviors and practices with more productive ways of getting things done.

Class Presenter: Dan LeFave

Dan LeFave will help you live your life without limitations.
As a Business coach, Dan has taught profitable entrepreneurs from around the world how to systematize and automate their businesses that gave them the freedom to enjoy even better health that they want, the family life they wanted and the lifestyle choices they wanted.
He has a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective of the strategic processes, systems and business automations required to grow and scale sustainable self-managing businesses.
Dan has discovered the subtle nuances that make a BIG difference in the success of a business that profits year-over-year versus those that struggle, stall and remain small.
In this class, he will share some of these subtle, but powerful nuances with you.
Here is how Live Without Limitations can enhance your life:

Make More Money 

When we replace restrictive behaviors and practices with more productive ways of doing things, we become more productive and effective.
This means getting better at doing those things that we do well. In your case, you are good at serving and serving clients. When you get better at that you can expect more repeat business … and referrals of new clients … from satisfied clients.
More repeat business and new clients mean more money for you.
How much more money could you generate without the drag of those old non-productive habits?
And speaking of money, you could spend twice as much on consultants and coaches, but this video class will help you learn what you need to know to do it yourself.

Better Use Of Your Time

If there’s a silver lining to old habits, it’s that they are virtually automatic. 
We don’t have to think about what we are doing…we just do it.
And as long as we keep doing what we’ve always done, we will surely get the results that we have always gotten.
But if you aren’t satisfied with the same results that you have always generated, continuing to do what you've always done is not going to generate different results.
Assuming that you want better results from your service business, how must time do you spend thinking about how to get those improved results?
Instead of your old habits demanding this ‘thinking’ time, how would you feel about that time being spent taking more productive and satisfying actions?
In other words, what would your life be like if you didn’t have to spend as much time trying to figure out how to get unstuck from limiting old habits?
The short video lessons will help you learn how to get unstuck from old habits; workbook exercises will help you customize these practices to apply to your own unique situation.

Non-Financial Benefits

The class will also generate significant non-financial benefits.
You will enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming the drain of counter-productive limiting habits.
All that you have to lose are those things well worth losing: all that anxiety, frustration and stress of being stuck where you've always been…instead of moving to where you want to be.
How much would you be willing to pay to have any or all of non-financial irritants reduced, if not totally eliminated?

Added Value Bonuses

To help you even more,  this class contains two valuable bonuses.

Living the life of Your Dreams

In this reader-friendly eBook by Dan LeFave, you will learn how to:
  • shift from reactive to proactive with a plan for accomplishing what matters to you
  • ​​ have a framework for your lifestyle that makes growing your business easier and taking time off more
  • ​​organize your life so that you're feeling good and having more fun most of the time
  • ​​ keep focused on what you value in your life and business and not letting money control you.

Focused Productivity Planner

With the Planner, also created by Dan LeFave you can get 12-month goals done in 3 months like high achievers do. 
If purchased separately, the combined dollar value of the eBook and productivity planner is over $400.
But to help you live the life of your dreams ... without limitations ... they are free bonuses with the purchase of this class.

Start Living Without Limitations ... Now! 

The time is right for you to start to move toward the life of your dreams.
Your financial investment in jumpstarting your authentic marketing is only $167.
Simply click the blue Live Without Limitations button for access to the class.
Once your order has been completed, you will have immediate access to the first lesson …even if it’s 1:47 AM.
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