• Provide services that are aligned with your personal values and beliefs.
  • Serve clients authentically in a manner that is mutually beneficial and satisfying.
  • Prefer those clients whom you are really good at serving and satisfying.  
  • ​Want and deserve more ideal clients.
  • ​Are unique: no one else serves and satisfies clients the way you do.
  • ​Recognize and value the important role that relationships play in serving and satisfying clients.
  • ​Deserve a sustainable flow of new business.
How to Create 

Your Sustainable Flow of New Business
Why do people dig wells?
Because they need water.
Without a well or other source of clean drinking water, our continued well-being, indeed our very existence, is seriously jeopardized.
This same principle applies equally to running a service business.
Too many service professionals people neglect to build a sustainable flow of new business ... then wonder why they have no cash flow. 
That’s like not setting up a water supply then trying to figure out why you are so thirsty.
You can’t expect new clients to just come to you out of the blue. 
You have to start things.
There are plenty of potential clients out there who need the kind of help that only you can deliver … so let’s figure out a way to help them find and hire you.
Let’s also build a sustainable flow of new business pipeline so that your cash flow will never dry up

An Ongoing Process

Generating new business is not an on-again off-practice, important only when cash flow starts to slow.
Generating new business as an ongoing process.
This process starts with offering services that clients need and/or want.
It’s impossible to sell to everyone on earth, so it's essential to focus to a smaller more manageable market. 
This means identifying a niche market and ideal clients who are right for you.
You may well deliver the greatest service ever … but if potentially ideal clients don’t know about you let alone how you can help them, how can they hire you?
With a clear focus on your ideal clients, you are well positioned to go about attracting and satisfying the people who need, want and are prepared to pay for your service.
Satisfied clients can, do and will generate a steady flow of repeat and referral business … and therein lies the secret to your sustainable flow of new business.
Building and maintaining a solid base of satisfied clients will position you to enjoy that sustainable flow of new business that you want and deserve.

Your Sustainable Flow of New Business 

Developing your sustainable flow of new business is not an on-again, off-practice.
Like the process of generating new business, it includes all those actions that you undertake continuously, on an ongoing basis.
Ideally, generating new business will become part of the way you do things, just as comfortably, naturally and authentically as you serve and satisfy clients.
And that is exactly why we developed our Authentic Marketing Classes: to help you develop and maintain your sustainable flow of new business … authentically.

Authentic Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing your personal or professional services is not the same as marketing tangible products, whether mass produced or one-of-a-kind.
Instead of rehashing accepted theories for marketing consumer goods, our Authentic Marketing classes address the unique needs of marketing your specialized services.
As a result, you will learn how to focus your business-generating activities on how your service actually helps clients … not what third-party marketing experts think consumers want.

Class Coordinator

"As a life-long learner, I enjoy sharing lesson learned as much as much as I love learning new ideas and concepts. And what makes this experience even better is to collaborate with like- minded people, helping them share their wisdom and knowledge.
"I am grateful for the opportunity to share some of my life experience, combined with 
the know-how of others, in these classes.
"Our purpose in presenting these classes is 
to help you learn the fundamentals of 
marketingprofessional services … 
as well as key elements of personal development.
"In combination, these fundamentals and key elements will help you align your marketing with your true, authentic … and best self. "
Larry Easto
Best-Selling Author,
Marketing Coach

Guest Presenters

Each Authentic Marketing class will be prepared and presented by an experienced service professional.
Not only are these presenters experts in their fields, they also continue to meet and overcome, the twin challenges of attracting ideal clients and serving actual clients.
With different areas of individual expertise, in combination the presenters offer a broader range of shareable lessons learned than a single guru or authority.

Short Video Lessons & Workbooks

Instead of simply dumping information, our presenters will share the best and most relevant of their experience in short video lessons of six minutes or less. 
These lessons will be released daily over five consecutive days.
Each lesson focuses on key concepts to generate your sustainable flow of new business. 
You can listen to these lessons as many times as you need to understand the concepts.
After each video lesson you can download a summary of the key points, which will enhance your understanding of the new concepts.
Along with the summary, you will also receive a series of exercises to help you apply what you will have learned in the lessons. 
Since you control the timing of when you want to watch the video lessons, you can take as much time as you want and need to complete the exercises to your satisfaction.

Online Community

Even though you will probably be watching the video lessons and working on the exercises alone, we don’t want you to do these things isolated and on your own.
An online community of like-minded participants will be an invaluable resource.
But instead of setting this resource up for you and other participants, we would like to support you and others like you in setting up your own online community.
Once you have completed the first lesson of the first class, you can start to think of what kind of online group would be best for you.
As soon as we start to see some kind of consensus evolve, we will start developing your online support group … with your help and others like you.

Evergreen Class Content

All class content is evergreen. This means that it won’t go out of date.
The content revolves around topics that will always be relevant to your ability to generate more new business, regardless of the current news cycle or season.
This means that you can revisit and review the videos lessons and your workbook as often as you like next month, next year or even five years from now.
The key concepts will help you maintain that sustainable flow of new business that you want and deserve.

 Authentic Marketing Fundamentals

These classes will help you learn and apply the Authentic Marketing fundamentals.  
The video lessons will help you learn the key concepts.
The workbook exercises will help you customize these concepts so that you can can apply them effectively in your service business.  
Once you have completed all six classes, you will be well on your way to attracting more of the ideal clients you want and deserve.

Authentic Marketing 
Attracts More Ideal Clients

Supported by your true and authentic self, Authentic Marketing showcases your best stuff: how you help clients.
Instead of acting like a prospector searching for new leads, good, bad or indifferent, you are magnet that attracting clients who need your help.
And that’s a whole lot more effective and enjoyable than going after leads that might become more problematic clients than helpful resources.
This class will help you learn how to align your marketing with your values.
You will also learn how to apply the best strategies for marketing services … authentically and effectively.
This class is an updated version of
To learn more about this class, click here.
As an extra bonus, this bonus class also includesthe 12-lesson video course
available separately for $197.
Larry Easto

Live Without Limitations

As we run our businesses, we develop habits that limit the way we do things.
This is especially true when we try to market our services authentically. 
In order to live without limitations, we need enough power to escape old habits.
We need to generate enough confidence to take the actions that will help achieve our goals with sufficient courage to overcome our old habits.
This class will help you escape those limiting beliefs and habits that stand in the way of marketing your services more authentically.
Once you have escaped these limiting beliefs and habit, you will be well positioned to attract more of the new business that you want and deserve.
This class is available on its own.
To learn more about this class, click here.
As a bonus, this class also includes
Dan’s book Live the Life of Your Dreams 
as well his Focused Productivity Planner.
These bonus items have a combined value of $400
Dan LeFave

Activate Your Authentic Marketing!

Learn what you need to know to jumpstart your Authentic Marketing.
Position yourself to attract more ideal clients and generate more new business by showcasing your authentic true self.
This process is more of an art than a science.
This means that the class is not about providing you with a one-size-fits all operations manual, filled with standardized marketing formulas that you must learn and apply as directed.
Instead, what you will learn how to personalize the basic principles of authentic marketing so that you can generate that sustainable flow of new business that you want and deserve.
To learn more about this class, 

Larry Easto

Personal Branding & Authentic Marketing

One of the biggest challenges that service professionals face in generating new business is distinguishing themselves from similar service-providers.
Your personal brand will distinguish you and your services from all others, helping you stand out in a crowded noisy marketplace.
In this class you will learn how to distinguish yourself from the competition
You will also learn how to help potential clients understand and appreciate how your distinctiveness helps them.
This class is an updated version of
As a bonus, this class also includes
12-lesson video course How To Attract More Ideal Clients, valued at $197.
Larry Easto

2 More Classes to Come

To round out these Authentic Marketing fundamentals, we are planning two more classes.
Unlike the classes that will help you learn specific marketing skills, these new classes will help you develop and maintain those growth attitudes that support your authentic marketing.
These classes will be available in January, 2022.
Rest assured that when you are ready for them, they will be ready for you.

 More Money, Less Stress 

Certainly your sustainable flow of new business will generate more money.
But you can start that flow sooner, rather than later.
The first core class will help you learn how to apply the best strategies for generating more business. Depending upon how effectively you apply these strategies, you can expect to generate at least one new client.
What is the lifetime value of a single new client? …$1,000? $2,000? $5,000? More? In case you are not familiar with the concept of lifetime value, you will learn all about it in Lesson 4 of the class How To Attract More Ideal Clients.
The Authentic Marketing classes will help you create a flow of new business. 
How much more money you will make as from the flow of new business is entirely up to you and how effectively you apply these tools.
  • Save money: If you were to pay someone to do you will learn to do for yourself, it would cost many thousands of dollars. Hiring a consultant or coach to help you generate more new business, you can learn to do it yourself for a whole lot less.
  • Save time: By signing up for the classes, you will eliminate the research time required to find, evaluate and select appropriate resources to help you generate more new business. And once you start the classes, you can take as little time as you need to learn and apply key concepts.
  • Reduce Stress:Invariably saving time also reduces stress. Running a business is stressful enough in these challenging times. Who need the added stress of trying to generate more new business?

More Than Making Money

Generating more new business is more than just making more money: it also means that you are offering more help to more people.
If your life purpose (Lesson 3 Activate Your Authentic Marketing) includes helping others or otherwise making a difference, generating more new business includes living your purpose.
Each class will help you better align whatever you do to generate more new business with your true and authentic self.
This increased alignment will help make your marketing more authentic, which in turn will help you attract more ideal clients. 
It will also lead to your living your why: doing what you love doing, working with your ideal clients and making oodles of money doing it.
Earning a livelihood just doesn’t get better than that.

So Much Value

If purchased separately, each core class will cost $147 
or more.
If you subscribe to all six classes, the price is $97/class.
And if you prepay for all six classes ($485), the price is reduced further, to about $81/class.
The combined dollar value of the bonuses is almost $800, with more to come.
Adding the dollar value of the bonuses to that of the individual classes generates a grand total of $1,679.

$1,679 In Value For Only $485 $323

When the series of 6 classes launches, the full subscription price will be $485.
But given that there are only 4 classes currently available, it only makes sense to reduce the subscription price by 1/3.
As a pre-launch special, the subscription price for all 6 classes is $323.
The bottom line is that if you subscribe to these classes, you will receive $1,679 worth of training resources, for which you will pay only $323. 

Now It's Your Turn

Haven’t you struggled with marketing long enough?
Isn’t it time that you enjoyed that sustainable flow of new business that you deserve?
If you answered yes to either both questions, now is the right time for you to generate that new business that you want and deserve. 
Simply choose your option.
Pay As You Go: your credit card will be charged $97 per month for the next six months.
Prepaid Subscription: your credit card will be charged $323 as a one-time fee. 
And you will also save $162 over the launch price and another $97 over the Pay As You Go option. 
That’s like saving $162 as well as getting one class free … and free feels good.
Once your order has been completed, you will have immediate access to the first class …even if it’s 1:47 AM.
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