STOP: Chasing So-So Leads.
START: Attracting Ideal Clients!
The Problem of Standardization 
The perceived safety of standardization is the result of the widespread acceptance of standardization in today’s world.
This standardization can trace its roots to factory assembly lines.  
From there it has become an essential element of industry, business, education and all other things institutional.
Without a doubt, standardization is perfect for institutions: it delivers the uniformity that makes organizational efficiency and productivity possible.
On the other hand, it is the enemy self-employed service professionals: standardization offers little or no opportunity for personal fulfillment.
As service professionals, many of us go out on our own, driven on part by the desire for a greater sense of personal fulfillment.
By choosing self-employment, we choose to prioritize our personal, individual goals over collective obligations to larger organizations and institutions.
In running our own businesses, we can devote our skills and talents to those actions that contribute to the achievement of our own goals, rather than enhance supervisors’ careers and further institutional or corporate agendas.
Instead of serving any and all clients assigned to us, we can choose our own clients, selecting those individuals with whom we enjoy working and enjoy mutually beneficial relationships.
The Authentic Solution 
As self-employed service professionals, we can replace standardization with authenticity.
Instead of following employers’ policies detailing what should be done, we can do what’s right for us … those factors that represent our best and true selves.
Among the most gratifying benefits of this freedom to be our true selves is the opportunity to select as clients those people and organizations that best match our personal characteristics and the unique features of our services.
The video course Attract More Ideal Clients with Authentic Marketing will guide you through the process of identifying, attracting and serving ideal clients.
Lessons 1-9 will help you learn what you need to know about attracting ideal clients.
Lessons 10-12 will help you learn how to apply authentic marketing to generate more business for your business.
"What I like about Larry Easto
is that he is highly authentic and
truly cares about making a difference to his audience."

 Christopher Salem
Life & Business Strategist - World Class Speaker
Award Winning Author
Attract More Ideal Clients With Authentic Marketing
As a service-provider, you are very busy.
For busy people, self-paced online courses represent the perfect learning opportunity to pick up new skills and ideas.
Attract More Ideal Clients with Authentic Marketing is an online course that will help you attract more ideal clients instead of chasing so-so leads.
In this course, you will learn how to attract more of the ideal clients you want. 
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From Marketing Pain to Marketing Gain
Regardless of your experience, this course will help you replace your marketing pain with a marketing gain.
Instead of prospecting for leads that might turn out to be so-so...or worse ... clients, you can attract the ideal clients for you and your services.
If you are new to marketing, the lessons will help you build a base of ideal clients, which will serve as your foundation for future success.
This base of ideal clients will continue to generate repeat and referral business for as long as you want.
If however, you have been self-employed long enough to have established a client, the course will help you build on these successes, taking your marketing to a new level.
And if you are a marketing veteran, the course will help you identify new opportunities for improvement, leading to even better results.
The course content features:
  • 12 Short Video Lessons (3-5 minutes each):  minimal learning time ... maximum results
  • Self-Paced: take as little or as much time as you need ... whenever you choose
  • Self-Study Exercises: personalize and customize the strategies for your situation.
Attracting Ideal Clients Is Like Making New Friends
The process of attracting ideal clients is neither new nor unfamiliar. 
Nor is it sophisticated or complex.
It's much the same as making new friends. 
However, from experience, we know that some people make friends more easily than others.
This course will help you identify and attract more ideal clients, as easily as those gregarious  people in our lives make new friends.
What's New About This Course
What is new about this course is that it's delivered online using the best, most appropriate tools for helping adults learn.
The online format of the course offers four inter-rated learning opportunities.
Narrated slides enables you to see and hear new information: there are no boring talking heads or pages of dense text.
The workbook helps you apply new information and customize it for your own use.
If you want to check out the course, you are welcome to do so. 
The first lesson is free.  Click the 'Free Lesson' button.
From there, you can watch a short video introduction and the first lesson (under 5 minutes long)
You can even complete the workbook book component if you want.